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Hauler Tech Logistics is a tech-enabled logistics platform launched to change the transportation landscape of Pakistan, whether fulfilling your water needs or connecting you with all your transportation needs through Trucks, Suzuki’s Shehzores, and Mazdas to people for fulfilling your moving needs. Hauler is on the mission of organizing the traditional market of logistics and mobility with technology.

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1000 Gallon

Water Tanker

Rs 4,000

1000 Gallon Water Tanker

2000 Gallon

Water Tanker

Rs 6,000

2000 Gallon Water Tanker

3000 Gallon

Water Tanker

Rs 8,000

3000 Gallon Water Tanker

5000 Gallon

Water Tanker

Rs 12,000

5000 Gallon Water Tanker

6000 Gallon

Water Tanker

Rs 16,000

6000 Gallon Water Tanker

12000 Gallon

Water Tanker

Rs 28,000

12000 Gallon Water Tanker

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